Fire brigade Portugal fights against series burn

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LISBON – In the extreme heat affected Portugal raging, dozens of burning. One of the biggest fires raging in the mountainous area in the vicinity of Monchique to the north side of the with tourists popular Algarve.

The news agency Lusa reported that only at Monchique seven hundred firefighters and two hundred blusvoertuigen and an unknown number of helicopters have been deployed. Due to the strong winds and the high temperatures makes capacity difficult.

In large parts of Portugal and Spain, rising temperatures this weekend to be over 40 degrees. According to the Portuguese newspaper Publico rage throughout Portugal about thirty burn. For the combat ones are 1600 firefighters, an unknown number of blusvoertuigen and about twenty fire-fighting planes used.

Preventive messages sent

In the summer of 2017 fell in Portugal 64 deaths due to fires. To help victims prevent, sends the service civil defence today, messages to mobile phones. Publico reported that only Saturday is already seven million people with a message have been given in which they were warned about forest fires or the risk thereof.

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