Feminists bind it to fight ‘sexist postcards’

f94a0f6f6331f80c2360ddeabd4fdf91 - Feminists bind it to fight ‘sexist postcards’

French feminists ask that postcards where half naked women stand up disappear.

You know them: the postcards where half naked or naked women standing up, often with a funny referred to approach.

The French vrouwenrechtengroep Femmes Solidaires find them sexist and request that the production is stopped. Such ‘sexist, and sometimes pornographic images reinforce according to the organization, ” the stereotype of the woman as an object, consumption, and disposable under the guise of leisure and entertainment’.

According to Sabine Salmon, president of the feminist association, such representations the beginning of a mentality which assaults can lead.

The association post daily on social media, a postcard, with the aim of the seriousness and the scale of the phenomenon, to make it clear. They are available everywhere and available for everyone, it sounds, regardless of the age. As long as they is no response from the political get, keep their campaign vol.

Social media is a lot of discussion between supporters and opponents of the campaign. The first group calls the postcards, not more of this time, while the others, a ban as an infringement on the freedom consider.

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