Denmark shares the first penalty to a woman with nikab

669506569f7343918da43d48c89092dc - Denmark shares the first penalty to a woman with nikab

A 28-year-old woman in Denmark, for the first time since a controversial law took effect, a penalty for the wearing of a nikab in public.

The police was Friday at a mall in Horsholm, north of Copenhagen, called. There was an argument arise between a 28-year-old woman in a nikab wearing and another woman.

Both women were fined for rustverstoring in the public space, but the heaviest punishment was for the woman that the nikab was wearing. That is the consequence of the law that Wednesday started in Denmark, which expressly state that it is forbidden to you face to cover up in public. They got a fine of 1,000 Danish Krone imposed, converted as’n 133 euro.

The woman was asked for her face not to cover up or to leave. They chose the second.


Hundreds of protesters came to Wednesday together in Copenhagen, on the day on which the act came into force. Many of the protesters had head scarves on, but the police informed, there are no penalties because the right to protest. “We should be a signal to the government that we will not bow to discrimination by a law that a religious minority concerns,” said the 21-year-old Sabina, when.

The government denies that a minority is targeted. The law does not prohibit headscarves, turbans or keppeltjes. In some cases, people may have their face covered, as in cold weather or when using the motor drive.

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