Death toll powerful earthquake Lombok runs on

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JAKARTA – the earthquake in the Indonesian island of Lombok, according to local authorities, certainly in 39 deaths. Most of the victims fell in the northern and western part of Lombok, reports Reuters news agency. Also, there was significant damage to buildings. The quake had a strength of 7.0.

A hospital in the open air in Lombok.

During and shortly after the quake, there was panic among residents and vacationers. The quake was also felt in parts of Java and on Bali, a popular holiday destination among the Dutch.

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After the quake is a tsunamiwaarschuwing given, but this was about 90 minutes after the quake withdrawn. There was only a mini-tsunami of 13 inches of height observed on the north coast of Lombok.

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The traffic on both Lombok as the adjacent Bali is after the quake is still fully operational. ,,There is slight damage at the airports by fallen ceiling tiles, but no one is injured”, reported the authorities.

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The epicenter of the quake was nearly 30 km north-east of Lombok. Last week Sunday was Lombok also been shaken by an earthquake. That claimed 17 lives. Also were more than 150 people injured.

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