Brave mother saves children by them out of the window to throw

Xuchang – A Chinese mother has for her children from their burning apartment in the city of Xuchang rescued by the two from the window to throw. Passers-by, that the children had a sheet, waited in vain at the woman.

The mother and her two children were in their apartment on the fourth floor when the flames around them beat. She opened the window and shouted loud for help, and then a sheet to throw down.

A few seconds later she threw her 9-year-old son out of the window. He was successfully captured. It had to be a group of passers-by also to her daughter of 3 to catch.

The mother could themselves no longer in safety; she was found unconscious near the window. She is later in the hospital died.

Her son received burns and his sister broke her leg. The two are in the hospital supported by their father. On the images to see the apartment completely burnt down.

Watch the video below (warning: violent images):

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