Back on Canvas: the fourth and final series of The Bridge

The first series of the Scandinavian topkrimi The Bridge began with a murder on the Øresundbrug between Denmark and Sweden. The second started with a tanker who is against same bridge collided, and the third with the murder in Sweden to a Danish woman. Also in the fourth set, once again there is a link between the two Scandinavian countries.
It is also the last season of the Danish-Swedish co-production which, in recent years all over the world was praised for its strong storylines and performances, especially that of Sofia Helin as driven, but socially inept Swedish inspector Saga Norén.
In addition to the exciting main story in this fourth series also has a number of storylines from the previous series again picked up and further developed. That have mainly to do with the personal life and the past of Saga and her Danish colleague, Henrik Sabroe (la thure site Lindhardt).

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