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Anderlecht crushes Ostend after the rest

b205c9c8ebd1e3be4a2e13751226cde6 - Anderlecht crushes Ostend after the rest

Anderlecht is the season started with a pleasant six on six. After the smooth 1-4 against Kortrijk last week was now in their own stadium KV Oostende for the axe. Again were the Landry Dimata and Ivan Santini, who for the goals provided. In the last half hour was based a true doelpuntenfestival, Santini led his team to a spacious 5-2 victory.

After the walk-over against Kortrijk were the same eleven players are expected for the arrival of Ostend, the ex-team chairman Marc Coucke and sports manager Luc Devroe. The young defender Sebastian Bornauw had after his glansprestatie of last week, however, ill absentia, as was Dennis appiah notes to the kick-off. At Ostend threw trainer Gert Verheyen Jordi Brown and Logan Ndenbe in the fight, Nicolas Rajsel and Aristote Nkaka moved to the bank.

Anderlecht took immediately in the hands and pulled forward. The home side forced two corners, however, without immediate danger. Purple and white continued to press against a Ostend that in the initial phase a little to much respect and seemed to show for his opponent. After a quarter of an hour got Santini a kopkans, but the Croatian striker took aim next. Shortly thereafter, there was a drankpauze to fight the heat, with Anderlecht they had in the bank even wet towels.

The ball possession was clearly for the home team (71% in the first 20 minutes), but the first major chance was for the visitors. Oostende came after a hesitant start better in the race, with the half-an-hour in sight was Zarko Tomasevic of close to a corner kick on goal. Anderlecht reacted immediately, but Elias Cobbaut, Pieter Gerkens and Dimata could their chances of not finishing.

After the break, it was Anderlecht without Antonio Milic, who, just for the rustsignaal was felled by ex-team mate Richairo Zivkovic. The young Hannes Delcroix got his first minutes of the season. Despite the failure of Milic the second half started perfectly for the purple & white. Dimata kept the defenders to the talks, played Saelemaekers, and that kicked are another good cross of the match. Cobbaut won the second pole, the air duel and Santini had but pushing it in: 1-0 after barely a minute of play!

Ostend restored not immediately of the impact, and five minutes later they were at it again. Anderlecht worked the ball away at the back, Capon and Milovic went childlike under the ball and Dimata could only Dutoit. The striker did not fail, it was 2-0. Ostend was clearly frustrated, when Saelemaekers incorrectly gagged kicked Vandendriessche from a half a meter the ball hard at the defender. Yellow was his part.

But Ostend responded now! From the nothing, there was suddenly the aansluitingstreffer. Brown was Capon, which in turn support to Guri. That tiktr the ball behind the steunbeen within. Handsome goal and we got a match. Anderlecht knew not well what to do now, attacks or the lead that hold. There pillowcases many mistakes in the game, but Ostend makes no use of.

The contest kabbelde further to ten minutes for time. Suddenly fell to the goals from the sky. Santini put a penalty kick with a panenka, curled the 4-1 ” against the ropes from outside the sixteen, and then there was a starring role for the VAR. Finally it was 5-2!

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