US to scrap ban on pesticides linked to bee mortality

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The Us government has put an end to the measure, which the nature of the prohibited use of pesticides, which would be responsible for the decline of the bijenpopulatie. That report various international media Saturday.

Also is the cultivation of genetically engineered crops made possible in dozens of protected areas where farming should be done.

The abolition of the ban on neonicotinoid was provided in a memo from the U.s. Fish and Wildlife Service, writes The Hill. In the text, more than fifty natural areas where the new regime now in force. The government-Trump makes a measure to undo four years ago by his predecessor, Barack Obama was introduced.

The ban on neonicotinoid was set because the pesticides would be responsible for a sharp decline of the bee population. Also butterflies and other pollinators would be through the use of the pesticides to be threatened

In addition, in the same areas, in future the cultivation of genetically engineered crops allowed.

Greg Sheehan, deputy managing director of the Fish and Wildlife Service, says in a comment that the use of the genetically engineered crops should contribute to a ‘maximising of the production”. The pesticides would then again may be required ‘to make the necessary farming activities to perform”. He stressed that the lifting of the ban does not mean that the pesticides and the gmos now in all those areas used to be. Now it will use ‘case per case’ to be viewed.

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