UN report: North Korea violates sanctions

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NEW YORK – North Korea has its nuclear and missile programs are not shut down and breach the sanctions that the UN at the country has imposed. This is in the semi-annual reporting on the implementation of the sanctions Friday to the Security council is handed over.

In the confidential report, written by independent experts, is established and by Reuters news agency it is understood, is that North Korea tried to weapons, and ballistic missiles to deliver them to Houthi rebels in Yemen. Also, the country has the forbidden military cooperation with Syria until in 2017 continued. In addition, the attempts to use ships at sea, illegal oil, and coal, to increase in “scope, scale and sophistication.”

The Washington Post reported this week that North Korea according to Us intelligence still missiles builds. Rather also said the American minister of Foreign Affairs, Mike Pompeo, that the country is still fissile material for nuclear bombs.

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