UN confirms: North Korea continues nuclear programme continue

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North Korea is not stopped the development of its nuclear program and with the production of missiles. The country continues also in many other ways the UN resolutions work, including large-scale olietransfers at sea. This is evident from a report that UN experts have drawn up.

The American newspaper Washington Post signaled Tuesday that North Korea may still intercontinental ballistic missiles at the building. This shows from satellite photos of activities in the complex of Sanumdong.

But Pyongyang is in the report for several other facts point the finger. This keeps the regime to continue with large-scale olietransfers at sea. By on the high seas from ship to ship oil to market, try North Korea to escape the limitations on the supplies of petroleum products.

The experts also also reported illegal trade in coal, iron and other products, the regime of Kim Jong-un provides millions of dollars. Furthermore, Pyongyang, according to the report, even tried to through a Syrian smuggler of weapons and military equipment to Libya, Yemen and Sudan.

By the series of violations, the sanctions that the UN Security council last year imposed ‘without result’ remained, as it mentions the text. “The financial sanctions are among those that are the weakest are applied and that the most active be circumvented by the regime.’

The information is in a report that the experts Friday had sent to the UN Security council. Various news agencies tackle Saturday with the contents of that report, that was supposed to be confidential.

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