U.s. federal judge orders Trump to ‘Dreamers’ to allow

f5aa0f959a653977dcee3ac696d518f5 - U.s. federal judge orders Trump to ‘Dreamers’ to allow

In the United States has a federal court in Washington D. C. the government on Friday dedicated to the Dreamers program to re-activate.

DACA – abbreviation for Deferred Action on Child Arrivals – launched in 2012 by the previous president Barack Obama introduced to nearly 800,000 ’dreamers’, refugees who, as a minor, arrived in the United States, to protect against deportation.

Current president, Donald Trump announced on 5 september last year that he was there at the beginning of march, a point could be put behind. The deletion of the program since that time, however, prevented by legal proceedings.

The Us government now has until 23 August to make the decision of federal judge John Bates to fight. If his decision of power, will the U.s. government again requests under the Dreamersprogram must accept.

Trump had previously survival of DACA even if the consideration promised as congressmen agree went to release funds to make up for his famous limes wall with Mexico.

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