Two dead in collision between boats in Venice

08a2a6b89633dc5ea99a1820da896053 - Two dead in collision between boats in Venice

Two fishermen are on Friday, died after their boat against another boat collided in the lagoon of Venice. In the other boat attacked four wounded. Notify the fire brigade of the Italian city.

The boats collided Friday around midnight against each other. According to the fire department was the boat with the two fishermen stopped at the entrance of the channel of San Nicolo di Lido when another boat there at collided. One fisherman was seriously injured taken to hospital, where his injuries died. The body of the second boater was later taken out of the water.

The two victims were 69-year-old, from Venice, and for years friends. According to Italian media were in the other boat, four young people from Venice, two boys and two girls. They came back from a party on an island nearby.

The cause of the accident according to the police, presumably, to high speed, absentmindedness, or the lack of a light on one of the boats. According to a test were the four young people not under the influence of alcohol, according to the Italian media.

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