Turkey gives US taste of their own medicine

d0d219c18b0887e77142be849335f67f - Turkey gives US taste of their own medicine

ISTANBUL – Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan late any funds of the American ministers of Justice and Safety in Turkey, freeze. With this measure, responding Erdogan on the penalties that Washington last week imposed on the Turkish ministers Abdulhamit Gül (Justice) and Süleyman Soylu (Home Affairs).

According to the US played the two Turkish ministers have major roles in the arrest and detention of the American mental Andrew Brunson. The Turkish authorities arrested Brunson in 2016. He is accused of aid to terreurorganisaties, but according to the U.S. there is no evidence for.

The sanctions imposed by Washington that any possessions of Gül and Soylu in the U.S. are frozen. Erdogan called the actions on Saturday are not appropriate, because Turkey is a strategic partner of the US. Also witnesses the penalties under Erdogan from a lack of respect for Turkey.

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