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TheColorGrey: The beat will not tolerate contradiction

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As if he were at Coachella was, so entered TheColorGrey the stage at the Lokerse Feesten. Shirt loosely open hanging with a view of the mighty bast, and like the rest of the band with a huge pair of sunglasses on the nose.

Unfortunately, it seemed that the sun also, most of the people on the terraces are bound to hold: the emergence of the Large Quay was rather small. The 23-year-old Will Michiels treated however, a Belgian rappers rare good live band. There accept songs like ‘Wide Awake in 2K’ – with a dope rockgroove and ‘Options’ – with even jazzier keys than on the plate wonderfully. That the bassist delicious funkend was to enjoy, was a bonus. Only ‘You got to show me’ kabbelde to moderate: glitzy r&b sounds better on the radio.

And yet it seemed to be the inhabitant of antwerp (“I speak just English, you know,” she said after a half set full of English bindteksten) it is equally difficult to have: in the ‘Need to know’ that he had to breath. That he did have that lung capacity, showed Michiels ‘Options’, which he croonde such as we thought only Drake that could – and he, if possible, even more confusing relatiesignalen send the grandmaster himself.

TheColorGrey has in a short time, a very strong and especially varied oeuvre together pegged, but could the public in the city of Lokeren, it does not immediately wake up. Only when the infectious banger ‘Jamaica’, about the promised land of the rap game reach, obeyed the people are ‘everybody jump’. Some beats to tolerate simply no contradiction.

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