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“Sebastian Vettel reminds me of Michael Schumacher think”

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Two-time world champion Mika Häkkinen says in a conversation with the ‘Speedweek’ that he has a lot of similarities between the driving styles of Sebastian Vettel and his former rival Michael Schumacher.

The battle for the world title between Mika Hakkinen and Michael Schumacher in the late nineties and early 2000s went down in history as a very hard but also with a great mutual respect. If there is a man that the driving style of Schumacher through and through, it is Hakkinen.

He let at ‘Speedweek’ recollecting that, if he the driving style of Vettel, he analyzes a lot of similarities with that of Schumacher. “I consider the driving style of Seb and unique, but there are certainly similarities with Michael,” said the finn.

“Michael braked at the same point, always rode the same line, keeps very quiet, and everything was very controlled. It is a good use, clean, and aggressive driving style. Even when Seb over the kerbs is he has everything under control.”

The driving style of Lewis Hamilton considers ‘the Flying Finn’ as similar to but more extreme in the sense that the Brit is more often the risks rable than Vettel.

“Lewis is always trying some more extreme riding. Very controlling, but he seeks more limits on his car, and he is shying away from the risks. But it is not reckless, he always takes well-thought-out decisions.”

“If he is not of the job is the result of his efforts is always a super round. That is a risk that you can’t always take because otherwise you will inevitably, even spiders.”

Hakkinen also provides that he enjoys the unpredictability of the current F1 season, and the fact that the young riders becoming more and more a role.

“For the first time since long, the F1 is still exciting,” said Hakkinen. “Rosberg against Hamilton was certainly not boring, but the number of fans was reduced drastically by a long battle within one team.”

“Today we have Mercedes, Ferrari, and the young talents such as Max Verstappen,” concludes the Fin.

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