Plastic bags banned in Chile

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Chile was the first country in South America, the use of plastic bags in shops is prohibited. Only the instances that are used for food, hygienic or longer to keep, are still permitted.

Large companies get six months time to the law to apply, while small retail outlets two years have time to adapt. Afterwards, they risk a fine of 370 dollars per plastic bag to the customer is handed over.

“We have, without doubt, a great step forward to make Chile a cleaner country,” president Sebastian Piñera on Friday.

The Chilean coast, about 4,000 miles long, especially in the winter, the venue of a lot of waste on the beaches, washed ashore. Especially the plastic bags are a problem. ‘In the Ocean, between Chile and Peru, there are plastic islands of almost two million square kilometres, is the size of Mexico’, says the Chilean minister of the Environment.

According to her, is not only the amount of plastic is a problem, but also the fact that this material is still hundreds of years in the nature remains, while it was only thirty minutes, is used.

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