North Korea alarmed about position VS

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PYONGYANG – North Korea is increasingly worried about the attitude of the United States against the regime in Pyongyang. Minister of Foreign Affairs Ri Yong-ho called it alarming that the United States “more and shouting louder that the international sanctions against North Korea should be maintained.”

The minister will not go. He said that North Korea is determined to see the appointments that Kim Jong-il and president Donald Trump have made at their summit in June in Singapore. There promised to North Korea’s nuclear program. Trump promised North Korea an improved relationship with the united states. The American minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo called on countries in South-east Asia this week, however, international sanctions against the regime in Pyongyang to maintain.

Furthermore, sources in the American intelligence agencies said that North Korea the U.S. is trying to mislead about the number of nuclear warheads and missiles at its disposal. Also would Pyongyang not open to play the card on the bases that it has for the making of nuclear weapons.

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