Massaprotest in Israel against controversial law

1d9cd406f96d0e7c751fafa267d86d5f - Massaprotest in Israel against controversial law

TEL AVIV – Tens of thousands of people have on the Rabinplein in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv demonstrated against the controversial law, which Israel officially designates as the homeland of the Jewish people. The Forum of Druzische army officers had called for the protest.

The Israeli parliament adopted the law which the Jewish character of the country stressed last month. In the law it is also established that a “united Jerusalem” the capital is, and Hebrew is the official language. Arabic lost understand the status of official language.

According to critics, including jewish Israelis, are minorities by law subordinated. Arab Israelis, about 20 percent of the population said about the law that “we forever second-class citizens.” Another member of parliament spoke about “the death of democracy.”

Approximately 130,000 of the approximately nine million Israelis and druze. Their religion emerged from islam. In contrast to muslims and christians serve the druze in the Israeli army.

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