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Les Négresses Vertes in Dranouter: everyone melted

After a very long silence started Les Négresses Vertes, this year suddenly to act. Today in Dranouter. And hey, what was this!?

You had to be in 1992! Dranouter was at that time still a rather traditional folk festival, but tried to be careful outside its borders to act. And there was a part of the regular audience difficult. That was clearly apparent when the festival Les Négresses Vertes programmed. The French band was often lumped together with Mano Negra (which later singer Manu Chao solo would break). But Mano Negra was more rock’n ‘ roll – The Clash of trumpets, let’s say – and Les Négresses Vertes sounded more traditional, more like The Pogues. At the same time was the punkspirit also not alien to them. And that is what they have in Dranouter conscience.

The traditional Dranouter-public was just to the concerts in the big tent to follow from chairs who took. But Les Négresses Vertes had a different audience and lured, and that was right in front of the stage. Yes: it was right! And so could the audience in the seats lay or sat the band can’t see! With much lamentation they called boe, or they made gestures to the people at the front that also had to sit down. Which of course has not happened. With cobblestone it was not thrown, but it was for Dranouter still a revolution.

In the meantime, we are 2018 and rpm Les Négresses Vertes again, after a long period of inactivity. Their singer Helno is there not more at. Who died in 1993 of a heroin overdose – did we mention that the punkspirit not alien to them? And on the setlist for today, especially songs from their debut album “Mlah”, that exactly thirty years since the release and still their best album.

In those thirty years there is, of course, much has changed. You may, for example, still “green negerinnen” say, as a presenter, Jan De Smet, them announced? We match up: yes. Because Les Négresses picked that name at that time itself, as a name, after a reproof from the National Front.

Immediately after the intro “La valse”, it was clear that this party would be like it was 1988.

“Voilà l’été” schetterde merry by the boxing and the group members showed that they were in that thirty years have elastic on their legs were. The hit single “Zobi la mouche” was still halfway in the set and pumped and zompte and punched. “Les yeux de ton père” got a rockarangement. “Face à la mer” was played in the beautiful rolling dub version that we know from the remix by Massive Attack. During the ska of “Les mégots” we are more amused than during the whole performance of Madness last year at the Lokerse Feesten. And valve “Sous le soleil de Bodéga” what concerns us even an hour longer allowed to take.

This whole concert was at the same time, warm nostalgia and a hot party. After the last note was just about everyone melted on the floor. The kuisploeg will work.

Les Négresses Vertes, seen in Dranouter on 4 may.

Les Négresses Vertes play on 14/8 also at Brussels Summer Festival.

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