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Joke of Buckets working on play based on Dutroux

Joke of Buckets (28), known as an actress from ‘The eleventh of the eleventh’ and ‘Beau Séjour’ but also as the Smartest Human-participant, in a Dutch theatre show based on the case of child murderer Marc Dutroux play.

“They are going to Want a piece of candy? called and is about predators, ” says Buckets. ‘The text is written by Annette Bremen, a young playwright from Heerlen. He is her source of inspiration, but he is not a character in the play. Next week we go with the author together to see how we this delicate topic to the children to translate, because it must be a show for 10-plus.”

Since the production is still should be realised, will only come next year on the shelves.

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