Heat claims three lives in Spain

a37b78816d09b133149bc3b97035af36 - Heat claims three lives in Spain

BARCELONA – The heat has in Spain in recent days, three deaths. In Barcelona, were passers-by, a man on the street who the blood is from the mouth ran. He was in critical condition at the hospital. It was clear that the man by the heat was overcome.

The man later died in the hospital. Reported that emergency medical services to the newspaper El periódico headline. Two others, a heat-kill came to be in Murcia.

There died a 78-year-old man to a heatstroke. He had incurred while working on his own piece of land. A 48-year-old man from Murcia died because he was overcome by the heat during road works.

In large parts of Spain is extremely hot. In both Barcelona and Murcia, the temperature rose the past few days over 35 degrees.

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