Government-Trump is responsible for reuniting children and parents

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The government of Trump is personally responsible to the parents of some 500 underage migrants who were separated from their families as a result of the ‘zero tolerance’ policy. That has a federal judge in California decides.

The federal judge Dana Sabraw asked earlier attention for the children of migrants who are still somewhere in the U.S. are housed while their parents are now the country may have been turned off. In a judgment says Sabraw that the administration of Trump responsible for the reunification. “The reality is that for every parent that is not localized, a child is an orphan. And that is 100 percent the responsibility of the administration of Trump, ” says Sabraw.

According to the federal court fails, the government-Trump. “Many of these parents have been expelled without their child. That is the result of the investments by the government and the inability for them to reunite’, emphasises the right.

Worldwide storm of protest

President Trump cancelled on 20 June, ‘zero tolerance’ policy to families without papers to separate. That policy held that the illegal migrants were rounded up for questioning, while their children are without parents in a closed centre-camps, sometimes hundreds of kilometres away from the place where they are separated from their families. Leaked details about the practices brought a worldwide storm of protest.

In the meantime, try parents, human rights groups and lawyers with man and power the children with their families to reunite. A particularly difficult task because the authorities were usually not in who where was to be found and because many of the children don’t speak English, is also the identification of the minors is not easy, they say. Some children are also not yet a year old. Homeland Security says the criticism against it and argues that there is a well coordinated process, and that the location of all of the children know. There are still a small 500 children separated from their parents.

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