German tourist shot in the head in Canada, suspected shooter arrested

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The Canadian police have a man arrested and a vehicle seized in connection with a shooting in the west of Canada, where a German tourist was on Thursday shot in the head.

The victim sat at the wheel of a car and was with his family on the road, about 60 kilometres west of Calgary. The 60-year-old German is having surgery and will the incident may survive, but will be lifelong bear the consequences, so have the authorities on Saturday reported.

A description of the vehicle of the offender by eyewitnesses led to the arrest. The involvement of the man who is arrested is currently being investigated. According to the police, all would be there so far indicate that it is not going to be a case of verkeersagressie or a casual incident’.

The police do not think that the occupants of the SUV of the German family the target of the shooting. The family was on the road in the direction of the border with British Columbia, when their car shot was from the passenger side of a voorbijrijdend vehicle. The bullet went through the window on the driver’s side and hit the German tourist in the head. Who lost control of his car, then a tree drove.

The German was in critical condition at the hospital, and is successfully operated. The three other family members in the victim’s car were slightly wounded as the car of the job went.

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