Fly sabotage world record dominoes over

ba0d1d1102b5c9cd7477f144cc737a2d - Fly sabotage world record dominoes over

A fly has Saturday a spanner in the works thrown at an attempt of dominoes over in the nidda river, in the middle of Germany. But not to worry: three other world records fell as well.

The organizers conquered on Saturday the German record dominoes over, with 596.229 falling stones. There were also real world records broken: the largest dominospiraal, largest dominomuur and largest dominokubus.

But the world record mini dominoes – with the stones barely as large as a fingernail – didn’t work. ‘A fly made sure that the chain reaction too early, was deployed, ” says the organization.

A team of twenty people is two weeks have been busy with the setting up of the dominoes.

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