Eleven people killed in Mexican home

c786db5775c3d0fef4fd425ad3f1e32e - Eleven people killed in Mexican home

CIUDAD JUÁREZ, In the Mexican city of Ciudad Juárez have strangers eight men and three women killed. The victims were in a house, so has the public ministry of the state of Chihuahua published.

Survivors seek solace in each other.

According to witnesses, were in the hands of the victims tied up and they would by two men are shot to death. Local media reported that they are in torment, but the public prosecutor could not confirm.

Presumably there is a drugsbende behind the killings. Ciudad Juárez lies on the border with the United States and is considered one of the most dangerous cities of Mexico. The Central American country struggling with a vicious cycle of violence. Last year about thirty thousand people had been killed.

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