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COIB’s executive chairman: “the Decision to turnmeisjes the uk to let is fully justified”

024ad55faf3a2efebecaa391c8921e1d - COIB's executive chairman: “the Decision to turnmeisjes the uk to let is fully justified”

Eddy De Smedt, director of sport of the COIB, understand the decision to make the Belgian turnmeisjes today not to participate in the european CHAMPIONSHIP finals in the team competition.

“It’s not a pleasant decision, for the public, after they performed excellently in the qualifiers (third, red) and a fair chance at a medal,” says De Smedt in Glasgow. “But I understand it completely. What me impresses, is that there are well thought about. The turnbond to cut the knot, after consultation with the medical staff, the coaches and the athletes. We have discussed it but the ball was in their camp. With the eye at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Doha (October) and in the longer term, the Games in Tokyo, is this decision to the athletes to save fully to justify. It is a limited team of four athletes. If you have a team competition Saturday and Sunday individual toestelfinales, you risk really the athletes, too much strain.”

Two years ago there was on the Play of Rio a lot of fuss when in the swim the aflossingsploeg on the 4×200 meters free lump sum, and threatened to give up for the finale, because for sommmigen the individual competition takes precedence. Only after much discussion and a night of sleep, decided the team yet to act. But according to De Smedt, there is no comparison possible. “No, ” you can’t compare”, says the experienced COIB’s executive chairman, who, shortly before his retirement. “This is a qualifier for the Olympics, where the top eight targets. The performance in Glasgow to prove that the possibilities are out there.”

De Smedt, place the lump sum of the turnploeg in a wider framework. “There are more and more competitions in the different sports, the problem is not only in the artistic gymnastics. There is not taken into account the health of the athletes.”

The team competition in the women’s was Saturday won by Russia. France took silver, the bronze was for the Netherlands.


1.Russia – 165.195

2.France – 161.131

3.The netherlands – 159.563

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