California: hottest rainfall ever measured

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IMPERIAL – It was 49.4 degrees Celsius on the hottest days in the history of California. On the same day, 24 July 2018, there was also a downpour. In the small town of Imperial was to 48.3 degrees Celsius as light rain in the afternoon fell.

California claims this the hottest rain ever to have recorded. And that while most of the rain had already evaporated before the ground was reached during the four-hour downpour. The humidity was that afternoon 11 to 15 percent, according to American weerkundigen. The rain in Imperial was partly caused by monsoon rains in the south. It is rare that it rains, in temperatures of 38 degrees or higher.

The previous record was also in California measured, in the city of Needles. On August 13, 2012 there was rain at a temperature of 47.7 degrees Celsius.

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