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Antwerp is City wall, not demolish

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Antwerp has no result can extend to the victory on the first match day. The Great Old, remained for the people stuck at a 0-0 draw against KV Kortrijk.

After a study tour of about ten minutes demanded Antwerp more and more of the ball. That resulted in a number of half chances via, for example, Rodrigues and a whole bunch of shots from the second line, usually of the velvet feet of Hairemans. But either was the vizier, not sharp, or had visiting goalkeeper Kaminski always have the last word.

Antwerp deserved a lead, but did so with a 0-0 the rest in. KV Kortrijk managed not to during the first half, one decent attack together. To the frustration of the Boeck.

City wall

After the break, the same image: Antwerp with the unexpected against a very weak CHAMBER of commerce. The home team quickly got to four corners one after the other, but could not start. After a small hour was the egg, so after 1-0. Good action of Hairemans on the right. He brought the ball for the direction of Bolingi. Who stroked the ball with the head, but the leather went centimetres next to it.

Antwerp kept banging on the City wall, but really to create opportunities, it was difficult for the forces of Bölöni. The most dangerous action was a sharp cross from Rodrigues, but the 0-0 remained on the board. Antwerp start the league with a four to six, Kortrijk picks up his first point.

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