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A fantastic film in 2002, and an atmospheric classic

1494f5a42517059634c2520c3a52c32f - A fantastic film in 2002, and an atmospheric classic

Who tonight rather sitting on the bench than on a terrace, you can enjoy these top three.


One. 20.35-22.30 hrs

How do you look in the year 2018 to return on a superheldenfilm that we in 2002, love? Test it with this first Spider-Man and see how Tobey Maguire continues to shine as the gewonemensenjongen that the evil will learn to fight with his accidentally acquired spinnenkrachten. Oh yes, and Kirsten Dunst. Always good.

2. BO

Vitaya. 20.25-22.10 pm

Ella-June Henrard, now be seen in the megatheaterproductie JR, debuted eight years ago in Bo as vijftienjarig instellingskind slash escortemeisje. This is a film adaptation of the Engelenhuis of Dirk Bracke.


VTM. 22.40-01.40 pm

Another one from the film archives. Charming classic about the friendship between a banker who is in prison and ends up (Tim Robbins) and a fellow-prisoner (Morgan Freeman).

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