Writer ‘Handmaid’s tale’, reacts to protests with red dress

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The red and white dress from the tv series ‘The handmaid’s tale ” emerges during the protests all over the world. ‘What the costume really up to viewers to ask: do we want in a slave state to live? ” says Margaret Atwood, the writer who now reacts to the events.

The outfit, a red coat with cape and a white cap, worn by the handmaids in the novel The handsmaid’s tale by Margaret Atwood and the recent tv adaptation of it is now worn around the world in demonstrations for women’s rights. The book describes a dystopian future in which women, in particular the role of voortplantingsmachines given.

A number of pro-abortusactivisten wore the red dress at the protests in Ireland in may, when the Irish government a referendum was organised about the legalization of abortion. Last month, it is also in Argentina surfaced by supporters of a bill declaring abortion until the fourteenth week of pregnancy is legal.

Also, the Us president, Donald Trump has recently a lot of women in red and white seen. He was in June, during his stopover in the Polish Warsaw on the way to the G20 in Germany will be met by dozens of protesting maids. Just last month, waited activists dressed in the dresses to him during his visit in London.

The Canadian writer Margaret Atwood, has now for the first time expanded to respond to a symbol of her costume during global protests. According to her, it is by many women in the world used as a ‘protest against issues that have to do with the claim of women’s bodies by the state.’

“In countries that birth control and reproductive health information prohibit, demands the state ownership of women’s bodies through forced childbearing. What the costume really to viewers asks, is: we want to be in a slave state to live?”, she says to The Guardian. “No one can see them (the activists, ed.) accuse indecent: they are well coated. But anyone who has these groups of women, you’ll know what they mean in the context of the individual’s protest, whether it’s Ireland, Argentina or Arizona.”

One of the first women that the dress of the handmaids wore during a protest, Keishia Taylor. She pulled the garment last year for the first time during the Irish campaign for abortion to be legalized. ‘In Ireland it was used in connection with the ban on abortion, because women had the feeling that the us considers as incubators, ” says Taylor of The Guardian.

“When we have these costumes started to use, we have a call made to people who could help with the making of the costumes, and there was a huge interest to. It shows that the symbol has a big impact, ” she says.

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