Tyson Beckford denies gay are

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The model fell to Kim Kardashian on her use of plastic surgery, after which the reality tv star Beckford attacked and suggested that he is gay.

Model Tyson Beckford denies that he is gay, after Kim Kardashian him it had accused. That allegation came after Beckford responded to an Instagram photo of the Kardashian, in which he suggested that they plastic surgery had undergone.

“She is not real, the doctor had her right hip ruined,” he placed under the photo, along with a vomiting emoji.

Kim responded viciously back: “Girl, we all know why you don’t like”, which they have the suggestion made that Beckford her offended by his homosexuality.

Reacted to Beckford that he is against plastic surgery in general. “My opinion about women who get plastic surgery have done is the same, it is not for me! I find it personally not good! Ready, end of story!”

Fans of both star criticized Kim for using someone’s orientation as an insult, and said that her comment homophobic.

Beckford reacted also personally on the suggestion of Kardashian that he was gay, by pictures of his training online. “I train 5-6 days per week, weights, martial arts and guns, and I will protect those who themselves can not protect!” wrote the model on his Instagram. “I support LHBTQ-rights, even though I’m not gay. It is simply human.”

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