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This is a F1 car, that the public road should

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A car that is almost identical to a F1 car was totally modified to be admitted to the public road in the United Kingdom.

The jewel was last week auctioned for about 60,000 euros. If you have always dreamed of has to be in the style of Stoffel Vandoorne or Max Verstappen to your work to drive, we need you so disappoint.

The car was built by a group of engineers who wondered whether or not it would be possible for a Grand Prix car to build a public road. It may be fifteen years, but they are in their plan succeeded.

The Anniston F1R, as the car is officially called, is based on the chassis of Lola F1 in 1996. There was used new koetswerkpanelen, a new steering wheel and a different nose. The car leans very heavily on the F1 car, but there were some adjustments necessary to him in order to create a public road.

So, there had to be, for example, a parking brake can be built in, and it was found impossible to have the V8 engine so that the exhaust would hit. Therefore, it was chosen for a tweeliter turbo engine from Cosworth which is close to the 370 hp vomits. The ride height had to be adjusted, which is now adjustable between the five and the seven and a half inches.

The previous owner described the car as ‘good in traffic’ and ‘easy to drive’. Although it is already more than 70 years, he said that he is still comfortable with the car could drive despite its length of about 1m82, and its weight of 92 pounds.

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