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TenX: With the Rebranding, the masses reach

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The Blockchain-companies TenX presented in a recent Medium Post the result of the rebranding. The provider of crypto-payment services, see the “refreshing the brand” a building block to bring crypto-currencies to the masses. At the mere Rebranding, it should not remain, however, TenX model drives the entire business.

It has always been the goal of TenX, the mass adaptation of crypto currencies to pave the way. To achieve this, services that facilitate the storage and Transfer of crypto-currencies. And by presses cryptographic applications in the Form of the traditional money economy. The most famous result of this business model TenX-Debit-Card, which is linked to the crypto-Wallet of TenX. So it is the TenX-customers to pay simply by credit card with crypto-currencies.

Rebranding is intended to help TenX for mass adaptation

In order to promote the value of the brand TenX and to make this even crypto-currencies is known, will now be carried out changes in the Design. As the company proclaimed in a Medium Post, one has amended, among other things, the Logo, the Typeface and the color shades. Although each appears to be of these changes, taken by itself, small, you want to improve as a result of the appearance of the company and the corporate culture represent.

As key words, in the new Design reflect, called TenX in the Post, “optimism and self-confidence in terms of the future of decentralization”. In addition, the financial ecosystem that would provide TenX should be safe and available to all. You want to hold on to as closely as possible the existing elements of the brand, and partial adjustments to make to conform to this Ideal.

More than just a new Design

TenX changed, however, is more than just a couple of corners, edges, or colors. At the beginning of July TenX is an official Bank Identification Number in the case of the Landesbank Berlin. This can be seen as a step for obtaining a banking license, which would make the payment service provider, irrespective of other commercial banks. A fiasco would be excluded, such as in January with the wave crest.

With the COMIT Network has also a technology that has recently brought a successful Atomic Swap between the Bitcoin Blockchain and Ethereum-a Blockchain. This covers the largest part of the Coins on the market, which are based on either the Bitcoin Blockchain or Ethereum-based designed.

More about the company TenX, and the crypto-currency PAY to learn in the current issue of the crypto-compass.

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