Swedish police shoot man with down’s syndrome to death that toy gun bore

ffee31e36e37ddefa63db6c86ad3a44f - Swedish police shoot man with down's syndrome to death that toy gun bore

Police officers have Thursday morning in the centre of Stockholm, a man shot that Down syndrome suffering. The victim had a toy gun.

The twenty-year-old young man was earlier in the day walked out of the apartment of his father. According to local media got the police Thursday morning a call about a man in possession of a weapon.

Three agents showed up and asked the man the weapon – what later, a toy gun was to lay down. That didn’t happen and then they opened fire. That’s what happened, according to the agents because they are in the ‘threatening’ situation.

The man was taken to the hospital, but died from his injuries. The family is shocked. They describe the boy as a sweet and social.

The head of the local police, the incident is very tragic. The shooting will be investigated. The police chief said, however, from my own experience speaking, that sometimes very hard decisions have to be taken in ambiguous situations, under extreme pressure and in a matter of seconds’.

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