Sleepwalker Maarten deposit of balcony Gran Canaria

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Gran Canaria – The 21-year-old Martin, who is in Gran Canaria, a fall of nine high survived, appears to have slaapgewandeld.

Anfi del Mar, where the 21-year-old Maarten of the balcony fell. He would have slaapgewandeld.

The young man from the Belgian Kampenhout is out of his coma, wakes up, writes het Nieuwsblad.

“It is a miracle that he has survived,” says a spokesman of hotel Anfi Del Mar. My colleagues could not really believe that the young man was still breathing. As the blow was tremendous.”

Student Maarten was together with friends on holiday in Gran Canaria. They stayed in the giant hotelcompex Anfi Del Mar on the south coast, near the tourist town of Arguineguin. They slept on the ninth floor.

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The Belgian would be in the early morning, suddenly stood up. He walked ‘already holding’ the terrace and fell over the balcony edge.

The boy was thirty feet lower up on the dome of the restaurant of the hotel.

Maarten went on to complete several fractures on both legs and heels, a ruptured spleen and broke several ribs. Anyway, he is after two days and the Belgian is already talking.

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There is, according to the police are definitely no alcohol in the game.

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