Ship with 87 rescued migrants must not moor

935dbbc09043cd16b5a388b05bd34afa - Ship with 87 rescued migrants must not moor

The Spanish ngo Proactiva Open Arms is Friday still in search of a port where the 87 rescued migrants from international waters to Libya to land.

“We start their first smile to see, even though the fear and the uncertainty still of their face to read,” said the ngo Friday on Twitter. She adds that she was happy to that they are ” a little bit of humanity could offer after the persecutions in their country, the torture in Libya and the journey at sea’.

The migrants, almost all of them Sudanese, spent fifty hours on an inflatable boat. They had no water and many were burns the mixture of fuel and seawater. Still jumps, many of them in the water, when the Spanish rescuers arrived, out of fear returned to Libya. Many African migrants are indeed abused, arbitrarily detained, extorted or confronted with violence.

Since the rescue operation patrol ship to Libya. But it also, wait for a signal on the port where the 87 migrants can drop off. ‘Any where but not in Italy, told the Italian minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, all understood to be on Twitter. During the last two operations had Open Arms the rescued migrants to Spain.

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