Scott Baio gets not to the right to libel

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The ‘Happy Days’actor denies that he and his colleagues would have been misused and abused, and has made himself subject to 5 leugendetectortesten.

Actor Scott Baio get not to the judge after he was accused of sexual abuse by his tegenspeelster in the series Charles in Charge, Nicole Eggert.

The allegations of Baio came forward in January, and Eggert claimed that the abuse began when she was 14. In June, the public prosecutor of Los Angeles, however, that the case was outdated.

“My reputation is very important to me, and until this person decided to me black to make it was flawless,” said the actor at Entertainment Tonight. “I don’t want any media in the court experience, she will get what she wants.”

Also another actor from the series, Alexander Polinsky, accused Baio of it to him, mentally abused.

During the interview with Entertainment Tonight told Baio that he five different leugendetectortesten had passed, which related to the accusations made by Eggert and Polinsky.

Baio admitted that he had a sexual relation with Eggert when she was 18, but that there is a total absence of abuse.

The actor says that the charges will be great pressure put on him and his family. There was speculation that Baio Eggert, therefore, would be to sue for libel, but that he’s not going.

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