Russian spy worked for years on embassy USA

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MOSCOW – A possible Russian spy has more than a decade working at the American embassy in Moscow. In 2016, the American contraspionagedienst that the Russian regular clandestine meetings with Russian secret service FSB, the successor of the KGB from the soviet era.

She worked for the United States Secret Service, a security service that important rulers protects, such as the U.s. president, and foreign embassies. That writes the British newspaper The Guardian on the basis of inlichtingenbronnen.

Allegedly, she had access to the intranet and e-mail systems of the service. This would them to be extremely confidential information, such as schedules of the president and vice-president. The spy ran against the lamp during a routinecheck, after which researchers her comings and goings nagingen.

Not losing sight suffer, decided the Secret Service is her last summer to dismiss, without much publicity, said the newspaper.

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