Rotterdam may receive non-streets

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Rotterdam gets first place in the Netherlands, possibly three streets where may not be smoked.

Some of the settings of the Erasmus MC, Erasmiaans Gymnasium, Rotterdam University of applied sciences, have, according to the Dutch newspaper AD, a letter to the Rotterdam mayor, Ahmed Aboutaleb, sent with the demand for non-smoking streets.

The three institutions want to smoke for their inputs prohibit for the protection of the health of the 30,000 students, pupils, patients and employees. In addition, they want to avoid the one setting smokers sending it to the grounds of the neighbours or to the streets where they all are. A large non-smoking zone on the Zimmermanweg, the Wytemaweg and the corner of Museum park should offer a solution.

“We can smoke on our own land, but for rules and enforcement in the public space, we have the support needed,” says a spokesperson of the university against the AD.

The municipality is allegedly sympathetic to the request.

Also other Dutch towns are considering, according to the NOS a ban on smoking in the areas around educational institutions, hospitals and sports clubs.

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