Patrick Dempsey celebrates wedding day

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Three years after the two from each other seemed to go, are Patrick Dempsey and his wife are totally happy in their marriage.

Patrick Dempsey and his wife celebrated their nineteenth wedding anniversary by returning to the place where they took their vows.

The former star of hbo’s hit series Grey’s Anatomy married with actress Jillian Fink in 1999, during a ceremony in Maine. Now, 19 years later, they published one photo on social media in which they are returned to exactly the same place.

Three years ago it seemed that there were the couple heading to divorce, and Jillian gave even divorce papers to the court. But, eventually, the set – that three kids together – yet again.

“Our marriage was not something I wanted to leave,” he told Patrick to People magazine. “I had not the feeling that we had done what we could. And we both wanted that it just would be well. That is where it all started… Jill and I decided that it was time for our problems to work. We also wanted to set a good example for our children, so that they learn: you can have different views and still get along.”

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