North sea and the Baltic sea is becoming warmer

998c7b92b3ca52d599014f3f09961f43 - North sea and the Baltic sea is becoming warmer

HANOVER – The temperature of the surface water in the North sea are approaching record high levels, reports the German federal office for Shipping and Hydografie (BSH) in Hamburg Friday. In July, the average surface temperature on a drop of 16.3 degrees, a tenth of a degree under the recordtemperatuur of 2014.

The BSH expects a further increase due to the ongoing heat. The temperature rise between march and July was 11.4 degrees exceptionally big and fast and has not previously been registered.

In the Baltic sea were even records broken. The average surface temperature was 20 degrees even a half a degree above the record of July 2014. The mercury is 2.8 degrees above the long-term average in the last thirty years.

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