Murdered journalists ’victim of robbery

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MOSCOW – three Russian journalists Monday night in the Central African Republic were killed, the victim of a robbery. They were killed when they came to the spoiling of resistance committed, reports the ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow on Friday on the basis of preliminary research.

These journalists were the victim of an ambush when she was a secretive paramilitary unit filmed.

The threesome was in the politically troubled African country to the activities of Russian mercenaries to investigate. That was an initiative of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the former owner of oil company Yukos and criticaster of the Kremlin.

According to Foreign Affairs in Moscow were the three tourists entered the country, not as journalists. Local authorities say that the Russians are raided by armed men. Their bodies were in the city Dekoua found, about 200 kilometers south of the capital Bangui.

Russia put as many messages in the Central African Republic except soldiers also mercenaries of the paramilitary group-Wagner. The name is derived from the founder, a former officer of the secret service. With the approval of the United Nations to grant Russia aid to the army of the Central African Republic.

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