Motif shooter Las Vegas continues to puzzle

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LAS VEGAS – Ten months after the massacre during a concert in Las Vegas is the motive of the offender, who, from his hotel room 58 music lovers doodschoot and hundreds injured, still a mystery. The investigation has been completed. Sheriff Joe Lombardo said that the guess remains what Stephen Paddock on October 1, 2017 possessed.

He repeated Friday against the media representatives, that the perpetrator, who himself commited suicide, a “quiet man” had been in the period for the bloody shooting signs showed of psychological problems. But really clear answers, the authorities have not been able to find.

Lombardo told that the dossier after thousands of man-hours closes. There is no evidence for a second shooter, and no one will be indicted for complicity. Also the man that Paddock armor piercing ammo and tracers sold goes unpunished.

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