Mother of Osama bin laden speaks for the first time: “He was such a brave boy ’

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September 11, 2001. Two hijacked planes drilling into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York, a third endorse the Pentagon, near Washington, D. C., and a fourth crashes near Shanksville. 3,000 people come to life. A horrific attack, thought up by Al-Qaida head Osama bin laden. His mother, ashamed, kept silent all those years. Until now. In an exclusive interview with The Guardian , she tells how her son first, a brave boy was. ‘To he the wrong people met.’

Osama bin laden was a wealthy businessman who was part of an influential Saudi family who had good contacts with the royal family. Impact that the year 2018 is still getaand.

You can see this by Alia Ghanem, the mother of the may 2, 2011 shot and killed Osama bin laden. For the interview, she sits stately in a ornate chair, dressed in a colorful robe and a red hijab. With a photo of her son, the firstborn, on the one hand and a box of handkerchiefs on the other. For case they have vienna during the interview.

Ghanem speaks about Osama as a still-beloved son, but the one that at a given moment, the right path lost is. “I have a very difficult life, because he is always so far away from me,” says the woman, meanwhile, back in the seventies. “He was such a brave boy, that his mother was very like saw. But when he was in his early twenties was that he met the wrong people. He was gebrainwasht. A cult, as you call it.’

Radicalised at the university

The mother recalls Osama especially as a shy boy who did well at school. “He became a strong, passionate, pious young man, but it was during his time at the university (Bin laden studied economics, ed.) that he was radicalised. “Some people at the university changed him. He was a different man.”

One of the men where Ghanem refers to, is Abdullah Azzam, a member of the muslim brotherhood that later from Saudi Arabia was banned and one of the spiritual advisors of osama Bin laden was. “I told him always that he is of such men had to stay away. He was in front of me, never admit what he was doing, because he is me so like to see.’ Had Ghanem ever see it coming that her son is a terrorist would be? “No, never. We were also extremely evil. I wanted to not that this would happen. Why would he just throw away?’

‘Mothers are rarely objectively’

The family saw Osama for the last time in 1999, in Afghanistan. “He was so happy to receive us? He guided us every day, he killed an animal, and we had a great party.”

At that time, leave Ghanem the room for a rest and pick up her two sons, Ahmad and Hassan (his half brothers of Osama) the interview. “It is important to know,” says Ahmad. “That a mother rarely an objective witness. The attacks are now seventeen years ago, and yet she is still in denial about her son. She saw him so happy, and she refuses him the debt. Instead they blame everyone around him. She knows only his good side, the side that we all here were able to see. But he also had another side.’

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