‘Missions’, now in the Movies & Series Pass!

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Lover of science fiction? The critically acclaimed French series of ‘Missions’ is out now watch the Movies & Series Pass of Proximus TV.

Meaning in a intriguing, exciting sciencefictionserie? ‘Missions’ is a series of French-made, well-written, with a mystery that through the episodes interwoven.

The beginning: an ominous prologue from 1967. A space capsule to lose control of the steering and disappears on the way to Mars. Then, a jump forward in time. A planned European space mission with an ambitious goal: to be the first manned mission to the red planet. On board of the shuttle: the elite of the European scientists. And Jeanne Renoir (Hélène Viviès), a young psychologist, who on mental health in the ship to keep watch.

The crew is already ten months underway and is nearing its destination. But just for the landing things different than planned. The financier of the expedition, William Meyer (Mathias Mlekuz), is able to report that another ship here already, Mars has landed, but has problems. After landing, they must be in search of the lost ship. But what they ultimately find, is stranger than strange.

‘Missions’ is a series of Henri Lacombe, Henri Debeurme and Ami Cohen, who creates a well written and exciting story to deliver. Beautifully filmed, a good pace, and a strong cast. Especially the performances of Hélène Viviès and Arben Bajraktaraj are worth mentioning.

The series is very well received and fell even in the prices on the Series Mania. A second season would be now in the making.

The first season of ‘Missions’ includes ten episodes and is now available to view with the Movies & Series Pass of Proximus TV. With a small half-hour per episode, which is ideal to bingewatchen this summer!


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