Minions ‘gifterrorist’ in Tunisia caught

ad8d49ef96767883722812a28fd23d67 - Minions 'gifterrorist' in Tunisia caught

KARLSRUHE/TUNIS – The Tunisian police Friday two men arrested suspected ties with the Cologne ‘gifterrorist’ Sief Allah H. It was going in a crowded place in Germany on behalf of Islamic State, a terrorist attack to commit the deadly substance ricin. In his house, it was mid-June, a significant amount of found. Also his wife is now fixed, on suspicion of complicity.

The German Public Prosecutor’s office assumes that H. at least two helpers had abroad. Or that the now arrested persons in his native country, is still unclear. The authorities in Tunis told that one of them with H. had agreed at the same time a bombing to commit in Tunisia. The other suspect would be H. false papers delivered to flights.

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