Man sport socks challenges bison from

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YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK – A man is in Yellowstone National Park from his car, stepped to a bison. The bizarre scene was captured on camera.

To see how the man a few metres from the large animal movements with his arms and totally not afraid seems.

An eyewitness, Lindsey Jones, tells ABC News that the cars not able to drive because the animal in the middle of the road. Jones: “We saw suddenly a man in socks on the road, he ordered the bison to leave.” The man would not be injured; on the video that he went back to the car.

The incident is being investigated. “The behaviour of this person is reckless, dangerous and illegal”, said a spokesman of the park. He emphasizes that people not in the neighborhood may come from the wild animals. According to the rules of the park, people should certainly 23 feet away from bison.

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