Life sentence for teenage girl that the attack planned in the British Museum

da4b3a0955c96aacdeed48ada94571da - Life sentence for teenage girl that the attack planned in the British Museum

A British girl of 18 years is Friday sentenced to life in prison because she along with her sister and mother to a terrorist attack wanted to commit. Their target was the British Museum in London. Safaa Boular is the youngest woman ever to be convicted for a terrorist attack on British soil.

In June got her 22-year-old sister also a lifelong imprisonment. The 44-year-old mother received a prison sentence of eleven years and nine months, of which the five-year delay. Safaa Boular would plan to have been to the museum on a pressure point to attack with firearms and grenades. According to the prosecution bore the operation the code name ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

The girl radicalised around her sixteenth, in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris. She taught a-trailer to know through the internet, with whom she is engaged. They would plan to go to Syria, but that was by the British authorities prevented.

Since then, she was monitored by the British antiterreurpolitie, to whom she plans out the canvases did.

The sister and mother argued on april 25 of last year a reconnaissance mission in the district of Westminster and bought a day later several knives. On 27 april, they also held.

‘The three women were full of hatred, and of a toxic ideology. They were determined committing an attack. If that succeeded, there would be deaths and serious injuries have fallen’, in a communiqué of the London police.

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