Lady Gaga’s achtergronddanser Zombie Boy died

84b229b20eef58dea64ec1746dbfd8bb - Lady Gaga's achtergronddanser Zombie Boy died

Rick Nested, better known under his artiestenaam Zombie Boy is this week died. He became known to the general public by his striking appearance and role in the music video ‘Born This Way’ of Lady Gaga.

The model was stillborn found in his apartment after he himself commited suicide. Pop star Lady Gaga, with whom he in the past worked with, is in bitter grief by the death. “The suicide of Robert Nested, Zombie Boy, is more than awful”, she wrote in a tweet. She also calls to work harder to a society in which mental problems are not taboo anymore and encourages people to talk with their family and friends if they are not good in their own skin.

Nested ordered the first tattoo after his 16th a brain tumor. It would eventually lead to his transformation as Zombie Boy. He only really became famous when in 2011 he as the skeleton appeared in the music video ‘Born This Way’ of Lady Gaga. He was thereafter regularly seen in fashion and advertising campaigns.

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