Kelsey Grammer: reboot Cheers is discussed

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The actor, who later also played the leading role in the spin-off Frasier is working on both shows again on tv.

The creators of Cheers have their thoughts but once let it go about a return of the kroegserie. That left Kelsey Grammer, who is in the series Frasier Crane played, when asked to know during the najaarspresentaties of station FOX. He was there to talk about his new drama series, Proven Innocent.

Last week it was announced that Kelsey the first steps for a reboot of Frasier, the spin-off of Cheers, in which his character was central. He has several writers asked for ideas to pitch for a new version of the series. “If no one comes up with an idea that there really head and shoulders above the team, then this is probably not going to happen,” he said there Thursday against Fox News. “If it’s not a great show, then we don’t do that.”

The 63-year-old actor, the other cast members of Frasier ingeseind about his plans. “I have to let them know that if something comes out of that, I and they all want to have”, î he explained to Digital Spy. One important actor will be in a possible reboot are missing: John Mahoney, who Frasiers dad, Marty Crane, played, passed away last February.

On a return of Cheers wanted Kelsey only say that the people behind the scenes, ever considered. “But there I go not about,” said the actor.

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